Sell your spare inventory

Turn your spare items into cash and free up valuable space 

Sell your unused PLCs, HMIs, Servo Motors, Sensors, Drives, Inverters, Circuit Breakers, Valves, Power Supplies, Switches, etc. 


How does it work?

1. Download the Sell to GSSurplus form. List the items you wish to sell and email the completed form to 

2. Pack your parts and we cover shipping if parts are located in United States

3. Items arrive, condition and quantities are verified, and payment is sent

Note: please see below, short FAQ and packing tips to ensure safe delivery of your items



1. What brands can I sell?
Most automation, industrial, & electrical brands --Allen Bradley, Schneider, Eaton, Square D, Siemens, National Instruments, Cognex, Parker, Sick, B&R, Omron, Honeywell, and many others.

2. How long does everything take, from quote to payment?
You'll usually have a quote within 24 hours. Once your items arrive, inspection time is 1-5 days depending on amount of items. Payment is sent after inspection.

3. How is payment sent?
Check, wire, or payment processor (Paypal, Stripe, etc.). Please be aware some payment methods incur a fee:

  • Wire: $35
  • International wire: $50
  • Payment processor: ~2.9-3.5%
  • Check: free

4. Do you buy used items?
Currently, no


Shipping tips: 

1. Pick a sturdy box, suitable for weight of items and avoid re-using boxes

2. Wrap items individually, as items can shift internally and damage each other.

3. Use adequate cushioning. Bubble wrap, Kraft paper, and expandable foam are ideal. A minimum of one inches of cushioning around the contents of the box, two inches if using kraft paper

4. For heavy/dense items, recommended to use double-wall boxes or corrugate liners & inserts

5. AVOID as cushioning: Air bags, foam "peanuts", plastic bags, and styrofoam 

Click here for more detailed UPS Packaging Guidelines